Our pain formula really works. But don't just take our word for it. Here are the testimonials from some of our clients.

Real people. Real pain. Real results. 


“When I came to Dr. Ryan my feet were swollen, and it hurt to walk. It was a combination of pain and numbness. No one could figure it out. My feet cramped up in pain. It only took about two days on the pain formula…it was the swelling that went down first, then the pain went away…the sweling hasn’t come back, and the pain is gone so I can now work on my feet again like eight to ten hours per day…this stuff lives in my back pocket! ” 

- Linda P.


“I have suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for over ten years. What I liked about coming to Dr. Ryan is that she has respect for western medicine, and didn’t try to talk me out of taking my pharmaceuticals that help me…The pain was the thing. I had to find a solution that wasn’t an opioid. The relief I feel with the Artemis Pain Remedy is really special. Nothing like it. I went from a pain level of 10 down to about 4. It isn’t perfect, but it’s changed by quality of life like nothing else. I can take care of my granddaughter again.”

- Emily T.


“This stuff just works. My pain is gone. Left shoulder. Never thought I would get rid of that nagging pain.” 

- Carl H.


“I was on Oxycontin, for pain, when I had a house call from Dr. Ryan. She urged me to take her pain remedy, but I didn’t believe in it. It sat on the shelf for a long time. But then I ran out of Oxy, and we had to travel. I couldn’t get my Oxy fix, so I took this with me. I was…pretty much like WOW, this little bottle of liquid formula could make me feel so good! And my head was better. I am a musician, so I need my head, my hands, my focus. I have sworn off the Oxy, and that was not easy, but I tell you, she knows what she doing.” 

- Moonlight C.


“Alleviate is a Game. Changer. I was a heroin addict for over five years. In the closet, my whole day wrapped around how I was going to get more dope. After rehab, I had these incredible shooting pains in like the bones, the whole body, shaking. It’s called Post Acute Withdrawal, or PAWS. It’s the worst. I met Dr. Ryan at her apothecary, and she referred me to rehab. I wanted to go an alternative route, but the law doesn’t allow her. SO when I came back, she gave me this huge hug. She then said, “I CAN help you with pain…” Game Changer. The pain went away. I had to take a lot of it, but I was able to like function without the shooting pains and shaking hands. I like it because it goes under the tongue, and it works almost immediately. I would like to see her get this out into the community. “

- Charlene H.


"I was born with a birth defect that meant for the first two years of my life, I had to be in braces on my legs. All my joints…are screwed up. I remember fallin down the stairs with those braces on, and my dad tellin’ me to get up again, as that’s what you have to do, to be independent. I’ve had several operations because of this thing…So because of my joints, I’ve had a lot of falls in my life. The one last year was off the roof. I have been in agony since then, until this crazy potion that Dr. Ryan gave me. My pain went down from a 10 to about a 5, and it’s not perfect. And some days it’s a 3, and sometimes I don’t feel anything for a period. But for me, it’s better than any of those opioids. Cause I can think. I can also do. It also helps with swelling. My quality of life is back. I don’t know where I would be without this formula, as the pharma stuff wasn’t cutting it. I come  from a long line of dairy farmers, and we’re tough. This pain crippled me, but this liquid formula has really helped me out."

- Jeff S.