Two years ago, Jeff Shaw hobbled into my apothecary, clearly in pain. Born with birth defects requiring multiple surgeries, he lived in constant pain. Jeff begged me to make him an herbal pain formula to help ween him off pharmaceuticals. After burning the midnight oil researching my Asian medical case histories, I administered a formula to Jeff that represented my best effort. Jeff called me the next morning. “Dr. Ryan!  God bless you! … I don’t know what’s in this potion you gave me, but it’s better than Oxy. I haven’t been this outta pain—ever—in my whole life. And I can think. Those drugs mess up my head. I can’t thank you enough…” This formula spread like wildfire. Jeff Shaw since then has been a huge support in promoting this formula and is featured in a testimonial video for Artemis.

Artemis Herbal Pain Remedy builds upon a formula from the first Opium War between Britain and China. Not only was there a huge addiction problem among soldiers and citizens, but the carnage of war resulted in huge numbers of casualties. Pain and the agony of withdrawal symptoms were the chief concerns among Army medics. One learned doctor trained in Chinese herbal medicine remembered the special formulas of Dr. Wang Qing-Ren, a physician famous in Chinese medical history. Dr. Qing-Ren (1768-1931) developed formulas for “driving out blood stagnation,” saying, that if we could “move blood,” we could stop pain. This theory had been around for centuries, but Dr. Qing-Ren precisely applied the proper herbs in exact quantities and combinations so that the herbs act synergistically to relieve pain. I also added in some North American herbs, and replaced some Chinese herbs to produce an elegant formula that truly drives out pain.


Today, our Artemis pain formula is a game changer in the world of pain. Opioid addicts in withdrawal with deep bone pain say it is the “only thing that works.” And people who once lived in daily pain are now able to lead normal productive lives thanks to Artemis Purely Plants.