Pain-relieving herbs Compare Scientifically to Morphine and Ibuprofen: “A very effective solution.”

Artemis’ RELIEVE pain formula is built around a few very specific pain-relieving herbs from Chinese medicine that have delivered proven results for centuries. For example, we use The Queen of Pain Relief which is called in Chinese Herbal Medicine Yan Hu Suo, or Corydalis. Yan Hu Suo and other herbs like Han Fan Ji work together to synergistically drive out pain, and help with inflammation and tissue nourishment.

Dr. Olivier Civelli, professor at the University of California, Irvine, and colleagues demonstrated in a scientific way how Yan Hu Suo effectively treats acute, chronic and neuropathic pain. The most notable finding* was that Yan Hu Suo works effectively to treat neuropathic pain, which is very hard to treat.

Dr. Civelli and his team were so confident in the pain relieving effects of Yan Hu Suo, that they compared it to ibuprofen and morphine*. What they found was that Yan Hu Suo lasted longer for pain relief over time, and was a safe and effective alternative to morphine and ibuprofen. It also didn’t cause tolerance, meaning that over time, larger and larger doses of the herb weren’t needed: people stayed at the same dosage.

Dr. Civelli of UC Irvine is so confident in the strength of Yan Hu Suo for pain relief, that he compares it to morphine and ibuprofen, and sees it as a “very effective pain relief solution.”

So be responsible. When it comes to relieving pain, stop thinking morphine and ibuprofen are the only solutions. Try Artemis Purely Plants, RELIEVE instead.


* You can read about this study at the Open Source journal, PLOS ONE.