Why is our pain formula called RELIEVE? Because it does.

Plenty of herbs or herb-based treatments already promise to alleviate pain. So why not just pick up a supplement of Yan Hu Suo or Stephania, and call it day?

Because our pain formula is stronger.

Chinese medical doctors have researched the synergistic properties of herbs: how they are stronger together than apart. And we’ve used this research to create the ultimate pain reliever by using Yan Hu Suo with Dang Gui (Angelica), and Han Fan Ji (Stephania) with Niu Xi (Cyperus Rhizome).

We also add in herbs that protect your delicate stomach. We are nourishing and strengthening your bones, sinews, and soft tissues. Over time, as you take this formula, you will need less.

I have watched the pharmaceutical industry plunder the rich effective formulas of Chinese medicine, such as ones that contain the naturally found elements of Glucosamine, and make supplements. They take just one herb, or mineral, or substance, but leave behind the wonderful protective and balancing herbs that support the chief herbs in a formula.

At Artemis, we bring you the deepest healing available for pain, while keeping your body nourished and balanced.