Pain is about circulation (Case History)

Cassidy entered my office hobbling mostly on one leg. I noticed that she favored her right one. Her face was flushed, and her small frame seemed to carry a bit of edema, as though based on her bone structure, she should have weighed much less.

She took a long sigh, and leaned into the couch, easing her way down slowly, and wincing in pain.

I had seen this before: “So let me guess: you have swollen feet, and edema in your ankles, and your hands can be swollen in the morning. Your face is flushed, so I’m guessing you both get hot easily, and then have really cold hands and feet.”

Cassidy replied: “Yes! How did you know that?”

I replied: “Because pain is about circulation. I can see that your interior trunk--torso area of the body is hot, and yet you have cold hands and feet, and pain in your feet. So there is something about your system that doesn’t have great circulation. I don’t know why. But let’s just try out this pain remedy, since you have both pain and circulation issues.”

Cassidy was on the pain remedy for 4 days and then gave me a call. “Dr. Ryan: it’s not perfect. But I’m standing for about four hours, when it used to be ten minutes. “

I said, “Just keep going. We have this. It’s more circulation than pain.”

Cassidy today is full time at her job, running a packing company, and is not totally free of pain: she has to take breaks, and watch that she doesn’t stand for hours, but gives herself breaks. But for Cassidy: it was mostly circulation.

In our RELIEVE formula, we bring you both herbs for circulation and health, and herbs for pain.