Can’t take Opioids to relieve pain? Our Herbal Formula is 100% safe and very efficient.

Most of the time, people are required to take pain relievers when they go home after a surgery. But what do you do for pain relief if opioids are not an option? Because you have been an opioid user, or have addiction in your family tree. Or maybe because your kid is too young for that kind of drug.

Artemis’ RELIEVE herbal pain formula is the answer. Dr. Zhong Ze-Ma and colleagues at Harvard Medical School have been researching the “active ingredients” in Yan Hu Suo (called The Queen of Pain Relief in Chinese Herbal Medicine), a key herb we use among others in our formula Molecules 2008 13, 2303-2312 “The Binding Affinities of Yan Hu Suo to Dopamine Receptors”). What they found is that Yan Hu Suo binds to the dopamine system – not the opioid system— so it’s safe for people and children who can’t use opioids to relieve pain.