The benefits of Myrrh, explained

Below is a photo of Myrrh, or Mo Yao in Chinese medicine, one of the ingredients in RELIEVE.


From an Asian medical perspective, Myrrh has been found to reduce pain, activate blood circulation, and reduce swelling and inflammation in joints (1).

In biomedical clinical studies, Myrrh has demonstrated a marked reduction in cholesterol blood levels in humans and rabbits (2). In fact, Jeff Shaw, one of our patients, said:

“Not only did this pain formula take my pain down from a 9.5 to a 5, but now my rheumatologist took me off of my stains, cause my blood cholesterol is back to normal, and I’m still eating the same way.” (3)

The combination of Mo Yao, or Myrrh and Ru Xiang or Olibanum, has shown in several studies to reduce pain and inflammation. These two resins are often brought together in Asian medical formulas for pain and inflammation (4). When rheumatoid arthritis patients come to our clinic, we follow the advice of a scientific clinical paper that found combining Myrrh with Frankincense attenuates pain and movement (5).

Keep in mind, that according to the World Health Organization, most of the top performing pharmaceuticals originate from plant based medicine practices of indigenous peoples ( 


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